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Rally of New Zealand Tarmac Round Report
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Good Pace But No Finish!

Going into this rally the main aim was to win our class and compare our times with the National 2wd Championship competitors.
We went out a bit slow into the first stage but quickly picked up the pace, but with the road being very slippery there was more than one time where opposite lock was called for! We came 23rd overall in stage 1 placing us first in class.
The following stages we consolidated our initial speed and moved into 18th overall, 4th 2wd overall and ahead of the majority of the 2wd championship field.
Unfortunalty the good run came to an end halfway through the 9th stage. The corner was a blind 5L on a very narrow piece of road, I came into the corner carrying a bit of speed but on the right line, but it turned out to go over a small crest. The back of the little corolla stepped out and with full lock on we slide sideways down the road for 30metres, clipping a bank and flicking the car into a ditch. The damage was minimal with only a small bend in the guard and a couple of broken lenses, but we where thoughly stuck, proving to be the end of our rally.
Read about it more in our first press release.

Rally NZ Tarmac - Press Release