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Details on the Cars
The Almost Racing team previously to ran a Hillman Avenger but have now purchased a Corolla GTi for the 2003 and 2004 season.

The Corolla GTi
The 'new car' was brought just before Christmas and prepared for rallying by James. While looking good, at the moment the car is basically just a road car with a roll cage, safety gear and better suspension.
Car Details
 - Later model 20v 1587cc 4age engine
 - TRD rally springs with Bilstien and TRD inserts
 - Toyota Levin brakes 
 - K&N air filter
 - Racetech seats
 - Simpson and TRW 4 point harnesses
 - 2.3kg fire extingusher
 - Colbra tripmeter
 - 6mm aluminium sump guard and polypropolyene
   underbody protection
The next purchase will be an LSD as this is needed to compete seriously with the class leaders.

The Avenger
Initially was purchased for $500 fully kitted out minus carbs and one seat! after a bit of work it was back up to rally standard.
It's BEEN SOLD, after having warrent difficulties it had to be sold, making way for better things. Mmmmm Corolla!
1974 Hilman Avenger fitted with a homologated roll cage
- 1600cc hillman engine
- raised compression (12:1) 
- rally cam
- twin side draft 45mm Weber carbs
- high performance exhaust manifold
- straight through stainless muffler
- RX-7 oil cooler
- Engine recessed 13inches
- T50 5speed gearbox
- 70hp at the wheels! (yes we had it on the dyno)
- Racetech 4000W drivers seat and Autosport navigators seat

The Corolla after some 'testing'


Mt Thomas, the first event!