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Almost Racing  Rally Team

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Manukau Auto and Tyre Centre are now helping out with tyre fitting etc, and some signwriting is now on the car. Manukau Tyre and Auto Centre can be found at 32 Lambie Drive, Manukau City, ph (09) 2611500

This site is an intro to the world of rallying, Almostracing is now based in Auckland, New Zealand. With the team driver being only 22years old and having competed in only 4 rallies so far the team is learning heaps at every event. Check out the car, the team and some pics by clicking on the page links to the left of the screen

With James starting work in mid Feb the standard corolla has been given a new lease of life with an new (standard) engine, some bilstein front shocks and TRD rears. Thats all the budget has allowed so far, still need a LSD, and more power so if any ones keen to SPONSOR feel free to get in touch :) The team is doing four rounds of the CPS Top Half Rally Series as the budget doesn't allow for the whole 6 rounds. Richard Ellis has stepped into the codrivers seat with AR running notes for the first time.