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The AlmostRacing team

James Holder
As driver and full owner of the corolla, James has competed in several events so far with good results, coming 3rd in class at the Canterbury Rally is his greatest achievement to date. Is probaly best known for his impressive paddock racing ability (haha), and wakeboarding talent (mmmn! wakeboarding). A series of 'crashes' and one small incident promoted his introduction into the world of rallying, one of the crashes involved his sisters car (not good!), and the others a certain run of luck in Dunners!
James is studying at University of Canterbury to be a Mechanical Engineer, and hopes to one day work for a car company doing reasearch and development.  

Tom Holder
The teams experienced panelbeater come mechanic and James' Dad, Tom resides on a sheep and deer farm of 200acres just out of Invercargill and works at the freezing work during the season. Tom was the teams chief co-driver for rallys, but with James moving to Auckland Richard has had to step up to the co-drivers seat.
James may get his driving skills from his Dad who aparently used to do a bit of 'driving' when younger, quote from Toms old boss while talking to James
'I suppose you hoon around the gravel roads like Tom used to?'. 
Tom provides his paddocks for racing around, and we've taken advantage of this many a time with only one broken fence so far! 

Richard Ellis
Richard is the teams new codriver. Richard is a winemaker by trade and is keen to get into rallying, the Greg Todd Memorial Rally 2004 was his first ever rally. Richard studyed at Lincoln University just out side of Christchurch last year, and has moved to Auckland for work.