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The people who help us at events.

Daniel 'Handbrake' Hubber
Dan is a firm rally supporter, who one day hopes to compete himself. His temporary role as driving adivisor for AlmostRacing has been greatly appreciated, Dan hopes to move on to Subaru in the near future (yeh right!).  

Curently resides at Lincoln Unversity where she is studying farmi... sorry landscape architecture.

Simon 'whose your daddy?' Dark
Obviously the team test driver, how did this one handle Si?

Jeff Smith
Jeff has codriven for the team on one occasion, promting James to pull out his fastest time for the event.

Ed Trott
Expert assistant fill-in co-driver, is studying at Canterbury doing Mechanical Engineering. Looked rather worried at Rakaia when James narrowly avoided an incident with the bank.
David Holder
David while yet to start his rally career, helped in the extensive preperation of 'the avenger'. Also well known for his extrodinary paddock racing talent, and generally hooning on farm vehicles. David has competed in 2 gravel sprints in James' Corolla and won the novice trophy in one of them at the age of 14. He is now 15 and hopes to compete more events but doesn't have the funds to compete regularly.
Rachel 'I wannbe on the website' Holder
Shown here posing, Rachel is currently completing her 1st year at Otago uni, studying (but not often!) towards a P.E. degree. Rachel might be competing in some of the up and coming rallysprint events, depending on uni committments.
Dave Casey
Dave codrives for the team on some sprint events and is completing a mechanical engineering degrees at canterbury. he managed to get us completely lost on the way to a sprint! although he did prevent a wheel falling off... Oh yeh never let this guy drive on gravel, stage 10 at rally NZ in the rental car proved to be his undoing! 
Wendy Holder
The photographer for team AR, she also doubles as the support driver and is rather handy at sewing up race suits. Is the wife of Tom (see AR team) and offers support and a Subaru to the team.

Preparing the car?

Nice one Jeff!


David warming up before the event.

Mmmmmnn Chocolate!!!