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Otago Rally 2003
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The report on the lowest budget Otago entry!

Welcome to the insights of the most budget entry in the 2003 Otago Rally!
This was the teams first event in the Corolla and second rally ever. Tom stepped into the codrivers seat for this event.
We decided to enter Otago Rally because it offered lots of km's of experience and its timing suited with uni studies, so off we headed to Dunedin on thursday night, James enlisted the help of friend David Casey to assist in the transporting of the rally car down to Dunedin (we drove it down) where we meet James' parents, Tom and Wendy on friday. Friday involved the getting the car ready for scrutineering, so on went the $5 a peice second hand rally tyres (yep we are on a budget!) and out came the car stereo. Scrutineering went sweet, not like the old days with the avenger!
Ended up that we finished last 29th out of 48 starters, but we didn't come last on any on the stages! Not bad considering it was the first rally in the car and the lack of any performance bits on the car.
Overall it was a succesful event, but it definiatly showed up several problems with a stock standard rally car! Severe lack of power, and dodgy suspension probaly the biggest worries at the moment.